• Maximum guarantees over: logistic service, quality, certification, finishes and packaging.
  • Constant quality: thanks to our partnership with leading producers, each product family is having a single source of supply.
  • Our partners are an essential value: most complete size ranges, their technical services with all the guarantees and the common competitiveness.
  • With our global distribution, we can effectively reach where you are in the lowest lead time possible, either by land or sea transportation.


  • We simplify your industrial, commercial and logistic processes.
  • We allow you to get the most of it during your stainless steel suplies in flat, long and structural products.
  • We stick to your needs: special products either due to grade or size, structural ones, innovative ones, extruded ones or with any feasible further requirement
  • Neutral labeling and packagingupon request.
  • Personalized database of certificates.
  • We apply a unique DUAL model:
    • Supply directly from mill/s with production lead times.
    • Supply from our large own and linked stocks.


  • "Over the 6 mts": cut-to-length for tubes and bars.

      We have available all the options when it comes to length:
    • 3, 4 mts and customized lengths for bars.
    • Cut-to-length or to múltiple lengths to save the non-required material. We can save you all the material you will not use.

  • “CTL and Slitting“: we have cutting means to turn coils into customized slits and sheets.

    • With all kinds of pvc coating you might require.
    • With sea packaging as per your requirement
    • Slits supplied in “eye to wall” or “eye to sky” condition.

  • “Aesthetic finishes“:mirror polish, navy, satin, grinded and customized. We are specialists in applying finishes to materials:

    • In long products such as tubes or flat bars we offer mirror finishes as per roughness and aspect required in each market.
    • We can apply finishes to structural products.
    • Individual protection for each tube or bar.
    • In flat products we can operate both over sheets or COILS. In all the grains both for grinded and satin. All the kinds of pvc required.

  • “Customized structurals and chemically protected“:

    • Cut-to-length The length that you require. (up to 15 mts.)
    • Any format and size for either tubes or structural profiles. Any of them!
    • Miter cut, drilled and cold formed.
    • Chemical treatments: pickled, passivated and antioxidant oils.

  • Power of stocks”: large, assorted and available with certainty.

    • In our main warehouse (and in those shared with our partners) we have thousands of tons at the disposal of our regular customers.
    • AD-HOC: we keep materials prepared for agreed delivery with the customers as per their supply programs.
    • Stocklists available for customers.Upon request you can have access to this information and choose the products of your interest. Both for available materials as well as under-production ones.

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